Belle Chenault, PhD, has Retired from her Educational Testing and Counseling Therapy Practice

I have retired from my psychology practice as of June 1, 2022. Since 1984, I have devoted my career to therapeutic counseling and to educational learning assessments for school children, teenagers, and adults; as well as to helping parents understand how to support their children. The decision to retire was a difficult choice because my commitment to helping human beings of all ages has been a wonderful journey. It is time for me to enter a new phase in retirement.

I intend to maintain my domain and online web presence for the rest of 2022 in case my previous clients need to contact me for data, referrals or other pertinent information. My email address and phone number will remain the same:; 206-465-8068.

Anyone interested in Fiduciary Services in Oregon for a private trustee or conservator may be interested in contacting Ethos Pointe.

Anyone interested in pursuing educational testing or counseling for their child or themselves may be interested in contacting:

While it’s sad in a way to be leaving my practice, I feel the time is right for a new phase. I want to thank all those in the Greater Seattle area who have taken this journey with me and helped sustain my passion for helping children, teens and young adults reach their highest and most joyful potential.