I perform diagnostic assessments for students from preschool age to young adulthood. My experience includes diagnosis, evaluation and development of remedial plans for all sorts of learning difficulties and for disabilities that range from mild to severe. I also provide consultation and advocacy for appropriate school programs to meet learning needs. In addition, I identify children for gifted and talented programs and consult with parents and teachers to enable them to succeed.


As a counselor I have worked with children individually and in groups assisting them with social skills development, building self-esteem, fostering collaborative problem-solving to resolve conflicts, and assisting in their coping with traumatic issues such as divorce and grieving. I can provide consultation and training to parents on how to manage behaviors and communicate more effectively with children.

Educational and Emotional Needs Overlap

I have found that educational and emotional needs often overlap in children, so both of these needs must be considered. For example, emotional issues may keep a child from being able to concentrate in school. On the other hand, behavior problems and sadness can be caused by school failure resulting from an undiagnosed learning problem.

Evaluation and Consultation Services

My services will consist of performing an evaluation of your child based on various tests and observations and then reporting the results to you. If you request, I can also consult with you and with school personnel about your child’s educational needs based on those results.


As a general rule I will provide information about your child only to you. If you request, I can report information to your child’s doctor or teachers. There are exceptions to this rule. I will also disclose to others what you or your child has told me under the following circumstances:

• When I have reason to believe that a child or developmentally disabled person has suffered abuse or neglect,
• When reasonably necessary to prevent harm to you, your child or another person, or
• When ordered by a court to disclose information.

Intellectual and Academic Tests

I am trained in the administration and interpretation of the following tests:


• Adaptive Behavior: Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, SIB, ABAS

• Social/Emotional, Projective: CBCL, BASC, TAT, Incomplete Sentences, DAP, KFD, HTP, Myers-Briggs

• Neuropsychological/Memory and Processing: Delis-Kaplan, NEPSY, Rey-Osterreith Complex Figure, WRAML-2

Evaluation Approach

My approach to evaluation is geared specifically to your needs. Based on your referral questions I will select from the following evaluation techniques: interview, observation, developmental inventory, behavior inventory, review of records, and administration of intelligence, academic, processing, personality, memory and neuropsychological tests. I will then interpret the results and share them with you orally and in a written report.

Professional Consultation

It is my practice to meet from time to time with other professionals for case consultations. The aim of these consultations is to obtain ideas or insight from other professionals. Although I might discuss certain aspects of your child’s case during these consultations, I would not reveal your name, your child’s name, or anything else that would allow you or your child to be identified.

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